Events in America

For those Kiwis not prepared to face an American ceramics conference of the scale of NCECA  – with its 6000+ attendees, 50+ exhibitions, 35+ lectures varying from the recondite to the plain learned, the vastest and most packed display hall imaginable, minimal demonstrations, specialist meetings, large-scale group discussions around education or aesthetic issues and solid cost structures despite the NZ$ doing better against the US$ these days – but still keen to tap into the North American scene, there are other events…

September 9-11

in Minneapolis Minnesota is the 2011 American Pottery Festival hosted by the Northern Clay Center. This is Minneapolis’ rough equivalent of a local Pottery Society in NZ … offering classes, exhibitions, summer clay camps, studio spaces, lectures and publications etc.

Here is offered a more relaxed atmosphere and smaller scale than the NCECA event but still American style with panel discussions, slide shows, gallery displays, workshops on form and surface x 6, workshops/discussions, numerous demonstrators plus a collectors tour  encompassing beginning buyers, enthusiasts and connoisseurs for a private viewing of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts contemporary collection and several major private collections led by experts.

This gathering will be bigger than any in New Zealand but far smaller than the NCECA event. Cost US$300 (plus accommodation, fares and incidentals of course) Go to… for details and bookings.

Or…   for a more specialised event…

October 14 -16, 2011

Shared Journeys II  at West Virginia University, Morgantown, W.Virginia.

This is a symposium exploring the achievements of Chinese ceramics and influences in the west. It includes discussion around the legacies, and tensions of craftsmanship, pedagogy, philosophy and social currents.

The first one took place in Jingdezhen, Jaanxi, China.

The event consists lectures by distinguished scholars in Chinese issues, demonstrations by a variety of Chinese potters/ceramicists and lectures/discussions led by eminent ceramic artists such as Val Cushing, former head at Alfred University Ceramics dept. and an exhibition of contemporary Chinese ceramics.

West Virginia University Dept of Art takes a leading role in the USA in ceramic issues and regularly holds events such as this. For more information go through NCECA site or


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