Good on CNZ!

Here is an update from Cheryl Lucas in Lyttelton, Christchurch and the travails for those working in ceramics there amongst the earthquakes’ residue….


Need I say that this has been the most incredible year.  So many changes. Physical environment is unrecognizable. Daily life is completely different.

Where before it was easy to say that you never knew what life would throw at you, now it is not even mentioned. Instead we all live on a knife edge of emotion and uncertainty, with little knowing looks whenever there is the slightest shift in gravity. There are some good aspects to living like this.  A certain urgency to do what you have to is now not confined to people with a life threatening illness. The earthquakes have heightened the realization that there were many aspects of our communities that didn’t work very well before and now that they have gone completely there are gaping holes and questions.

However, there has been some surprising energy from surprising sources to reinvigorate …..not least of that is in the arts…..I could not be busier.  The irony of making in clay in the epicenter is not lost on me of course. If the work survives the kiln it is immediately bubble wrapped and stored.  My studio looks like nothing happens in it.  AND, back from ruined galleries came half a dozen big works. The Hong Kong boys from the Koru Gallery arrived and snapped them up – so money in the bank! Crates were made and off they went.  I like it. They want more. And I will show there in a year or so. Don’t know what the potty world is up to but the wider art world has come a lot closer for me with invites to show with all of them around here.

We have to wait to find out if we are able to stay living here though. We are “white zoned” at the moment and it could be months before we either go red or green.  But luckily I have insurance on my studio….ha ha. The BIG catch is the $2,500 excess on EACH event and we have had 3 “events” claimed for and an annual insurance payout/cap on top of that as well. I would have been better off being a hobbyist and saying things broke as part of the house activity.  But, they have paid their due but not nearly enough to cover my losses so CNZ have topped it up with $3000 to pay for kiln repairs and some materials for which I am extremely grateful.

– Cheryl


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