Ceramics: Art and Perception

With some magazine retail outlets and book shops recently closed and more under threat of closure, it would be of value to understand where and how readers of this magazine get their copies. Please, if you are a regular, or semi-regular reader of CAP or CTechnical just send the info to me via this blog and I shall compile and forward to the editor. CAP is a valuable addition to the media literature and the only one that regularly carries news of downunder (J.Parker article and Len Castle obituary coming up soon).  All other ceramic specialty magazines still extant are regionally based as far as I know and focus is upon artists from their own areas.

There would be value in a little advance planning so that we can insure there is still some profile around the place for ceramics in general and downunder in particular.


Question One –             do you read CAP?

a. Regularly

b. Occasionally

Q. Two – How?             a. Personal home subscription so I never miss a copy

b. Usually borrow a friend/colleagues

c. Buy it whenever I come across it in retail … if this, then usual outlet where you can find it?

d. Buy it only if the content appears to have sufficient articles of interest

d. Read via an institutional library…  if this state the institution please

Q. Three                        Are you connected with an institution as ..

a. Staff

b. Student

c. Not at all

I hope this is not too arduous, but maintaining some publishing presence has legacy value far beyond the current.


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