Final Images from Paris…

The Quai Branly museum, opened just a few years (?3/4) and advertising their first large scale show from New Zealand… architecture by Jean Nouvel…

Interesting display from New Zealand – reconfigured from a Te Papa show…. no middle generation works but only archaic and historical works plus the very contemporary. So… this and this…

to this… a powerful work by Brett Graham

Elsewhere in the Quai Branly were works from many cultures…the sort of work that used to be labelled ‘primitive’ until we realsed just how sophisticated some of these pieces could be. The lights are kept dim but all collections are there on display rather than a selection with the remainder away in storage somewhere.

Some of the ceramics, all terra cotta of course:


South America

South America

South America

Oh what we wouldn’t give to get patinas like that! And good to know the ancient Greeks and Paul Maseyk were not the only ones documenting their lives around vessels!

Finally, two images from the Pompidou Centre…

Giacometti because the clay maquette is so very much in evidence here:

and…the most famous and influential ceramic from the 20thC:

Except it can’t be because didn’t Mr Steiglitz drop Mr Duchamp in his trash bin?  …or so it is believed I understand… so this must there fore be a replica…

Next Venice..


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