Congratulations to…

CHERYL LUCAS  who is inaugural winner of the Sculpture on the Peninsula Award…a sculpture competition open to any media and situated on Louden’s farm, Banks Peninsula, Canterbury.

Entitled Harder Larder the work was sited within the farm’s former slaughterhouse. Lucas’s hanging ceramic works situated as both vessel and the remnants of pendent carcasses. The judge, Warren Feeney, former Director of COCA Gallery  called it a work rich in narratives belonging to ‘an iconography  of landscape painting that includes Graham Sydney’s Killing House and Colin McCahon’s Seven Days in Nelson and Canterbury.  Yet it is also distinct from such painterly traditions as a series of beautiful and skilful ceramic objects perfectly integrated within the landscape of Banks Peninsula.’ The work also responds to Lucas’s own childhood spent on a South Island farm and a history of working from those memories as resource – pitchers like rabbit skins hanging over a fence wire, imagery of brimming jugs of milk – this is a history that Lucas has mined for a while. This time it netted her $10,000, so sincere congratulations!

Cheryl Lucas, Harder Larder

Cheryl Lucas, Harder Larder, detail

Nicole Kolig whose work has been accepted into the 7th Kapfenberg Ceramics Biennale, in Austria. Also accepted from New Zealand are Keumsun Lee and Sangsool Shim. Kapfenberg is an international ceramic competition and exhibition around a theme – this year ‘Inside Out’. Most entries are, as one would expect, from Europe and there is the usual European committee of judges. They are clearly looking for the individual work as entry conditions stipulate ‘exclusion of china, serially manufactured and ceramic design’. They also specify that ‘only works that have never been entered to take part in any other competition are accepted’ Pretty difficult conditions to be both clear about and to police I should think. Their website does supply images of the gallery so that another condition, asking that works be of reasonable size so that  ‘extraordinary efforts for the organisers’ are not necessary. Prizes amount to E6000 (around NZ$12,000) and they also purchase from the exhibition. The artist pays for transport of works to/from and they will not pay duty (presumably Customs) But they are generous in that should the artist be present at the opening event they will be recompensed between E50-E130) which won’t quite cut it from New Zealand but the City will also pay for one night’s accommodation in town for the opening event… Portage should be reading this!

There is also a catalogue. Go to and maybe keep an eye on an entry for 2013?

Nicole Kolig, Capture and Release


Nicole Kolig, detail


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