Exhibiting now

If you are in Northland over the summer, at the Whangarei Art Gallery is Richard Parker‘s large scale survey show curated by Richard Fahey and originating with Objectspace. A superb selection of the best of Parker’s mature work contrasted with a small selection of early pieces. The exhibition demonstrates Parkers singular adherence to classical yet unpredictable form and clarity/honesty of surface, the honouring of traditions and histories while making adventurous, utterly contemporary work. One of our best. Great catalogue also available.

Paul Maseyk at Masterworks, Ponsonby Road, Auckland. A solo show that continues Maseyk’s exhaustive scrutiny and disclosure of aspects of his personal life, both as it is and perhaps how he would like it to be? There is Paul as correspondent with manufacturers of breakfast cereal who are forbearing of his complaint about the paucity of yoghurt covered raisins in their mix, and Paul as media star and party animal plus some family album works illustrating some divinely celestial looking relatives. His now familiar linear style responds to an outing upon some new and complexly interesting forms that detail features that are grouped around the large forms.  Lots to read into, think about and relish but the tongue stays firmly in the cheek.


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