Suji Park at Ivan Anthony


For those interested in a fine arts take upon ceramic expression go to Ivan Anthony Gallery, Karangahape Road just by Artspace.


Suji Park is an Elam graduate of a few years ago and has been working in ceramics much of the time. I first saw her work at Brett McDowell’s Gallery in Dunedin where I was completely intrigued and have come across it  several times since. Suji is of Korean origins which somehow is evident in her work although not overtly. She works figuratively most of the time and on a quite small scale. The figures might derive from the theatrical world or an Eastern afterlife carrying as they do, some incandescence of the uncanny. Her pieces carry a number of references but their intent is hard to pin down. Intriguing use of pigment and lustre and surface treatments/patterning is again, not what we apply to clay, more to textiles. Worth a look, and a think.

A sample…

Suji Park, Former Things, 2012
image from


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