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New to the blog I’ve added a list of sites where ceramics may be pursued, at one level or another, here in Aotearoa and around the world, virtually or personally. Most residential courses charge for attendance unless one applies for and receives a scholarship covering attendance. These don’t always cover all and accommodation may be extra. Fares still need to be covered by the attendee. Many of the USA centres are ex-hippie communities transformed to contemporary residential art centres and usually located in beautiful rural areas. They employ highly reputed, top level, teachers usually drawn from University courses or independent studio artists and often feed students into tertiary courses for ceramics.

There will be many more, these are what I can recall at present but should anyone know of more then please send in so anyone can access.   News on the craft front for NZ  –  ceramics images, USA based

INTERNATIONAL  –  like it says and via this can access all UK news  –  Denmark’s international ceramics centre at Guldagergaard. Hungary’s international ceramics centre  –  Korea’s ceramics centre  –  Taiwan ceramics including the International  Museum International Academy Ceramics – Geneva based organisation  – crafts centre in Saskatchewan, Canada  –  Canadian multi-arts/residencies centre  –  international site for artists residencies of all sorts.

USA  –  craft centre for residential classes in New Jersey, USA  –  residential courses etc in N.E. USA.  –  Ceramics centre with wide range of classes in Colorado,  –  Montana, USA residence centre for ceramics  –  Philadelphia based ceramics centre  –  crafts centre in North Carolina, USA


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  1. Hi Moyra, thanks for sharing your knowledge of these sites. A treasure trove of information! Thanks also for including Craft Aotearoa’s blog. Look forward to your presentation at 7UP Talkfest in a couple of weeks.

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