more Small News Items and Opportunities

Received today – the last catalogue. . . .

Harrow Ceramics Degree Show. 1963-2012    Material Matters.

Published by the University of Westminster and exhibited at The Rag Factory in trendy east London.

In the introduction written by Course Leader, Steve Buck there is an interesting comparison beside a couple of historical images (and yes, our very own hirsute locals are there!) alongside one of the activity around an early kiln-site.

Buck writes on those 60s students that there was ”a shared motive: a search for an alternative lifestyle imbued with a deeper sense of satisfaction and creativity”. He compares that youthful generation with the recent grads and lists their occupations – “a homeopath, a GP, a web designer, a television producer, a linguist, an advertising ‘suit’ all finding new modes of living and with an average age of fifty”  and remarks that  in essence those early course aims remain intact. However the work illustrated offers information that despite aims being similar, means, methods and conceptual underpinnings are remarkably different.

There is a sound essay from David Whiting and images for each of that final cohorts’ work.

Its just 22 pages, soft cover with good reproduction values and obtainable from the University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W18 2UW.


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  1. carys davies

    By the way, there’s another publication “1963-2012: tradition and innovation: five decades of harrow ceramics” isbn 987-0-9541044-3-6 available from the same place as the degree show ‘material matters’ which has more on the approach, history etc of Harrow as well as pictures of the related exhibition at the CAA. If you’re sending off fir the one you might want both! Has contemporary work by various Harrow graduates (including me, to declare my interest!!)

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