Small News Items and Opportunities

Tonight at Objectspace (Thursday21st) come and hear the Director of the Jam Factory in Adelaide – residency opportunities there so will report back.

Also Jenna-lea Philpott who will launch her national craft research project so come hear all about it. Or go to


Sculpture Gardens Proposal 2013

For Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens.

Sculpture gardens seem to be currently growing in number like mushrooms but they may offer some opportunity for ceramists to work on scale. This one requires a proposal to be submitted by July 6 and you can have a proposal form sent from …

The work should address the area of the Kaipara Coast – its natural beauty, flora and/or fauna, environmental threats or histories including colonisation or socio-political issues so that should encompass much of what is currently produced in ceramic here. The work will be in place, as far as I can ascertain, for a year so must be weather proof (easy for ceramic) and presumably also damage-proof in some way (not so easy for ceramic).

It seems that if the proposal is accepted then there is money offered – presumably to make and install the work.

Might be worth those with a bent that way to follow up?

Another at the Quarry Art Centre in Whangarei (that Yvonne Rust started). This one is for sculpture incorporating light. I did not see any information about stipend or monetary reward from what they sent me. However for more information send to

Or you can find both on Creative Northland enews, part lll

DO consider attending the Australian Ceramics Triennial – this year in Adelaide in late September/early October  – a gorgeous time in a beautiful city. The Oz conference is always rewarding and worthwhile, very professional and multi-levelled with more to see, hear and attend than can usually be managed. International guests this year from the USA, England, Belgium and a couple of dozen exhibitions that will stimulate and engage. Google SUBVERSIVE CLAY – ADELAIDE and get booking!


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