A Brand New Residency

Some of you will recall Garth Clark’s visit when he talked of his admiration for the ceramics of Marek Cecula as ‘some of the most intelligent and engaging…’ You may also recall images of Royal Copenhagen blanks of tableware sets, Euro-traditional, made since the 19thC, but left unglazed and deliciously embellished by a dozen or so hours at temperature in a wood-fired kiln. Hence that ornamentally articulated tableware, made en masse by industrial process had its surface adorned by ash build-up in the most individual way and further enhanced by blisters and bubbles where the porcelain was pushed to extremes and taken to points of collapse. Gorgeous work that talked of two traditions and demonstrated an unexpected compound of both that bridged East and West, factory and individual, austere and luxurious, Baroque and Bizen. The series was called ‘In Dust Real’. Cecula’s recent series all cross over between the industrial and the individual in some way.

Marek Cecula is Polish-born and has worked and studied in Israel, Brazil, New York (where he was Director at Parsons School of Design) and Poland. He is founder of Modus Design and Director of Porcelain Design Gallery in New York. He lectures in ceramic art in Norway, Israel, Austria and RCA in London, UK. He has curated exhibitions for several prestigious institions including MAD in NC and his work can be found in major collections in Europe and Israel and the USA.

He has returned to his home town of Kielce, Poland where he has opened DCK or Design Centrum Kielce in a former prison on June 8th this year. There is a lecture/conference/discussion programme, a curatorial programme and a gallery; All with opportunities for learning and exhibiting. They plan to instigate international competitions concerned with ceramic design. The basic rationale is in part to promote creative thinking and bring together ceramists, artists, designers and architects to create new works. Another aim is to introduce contemporary design to Poland where it is a comparatively new concept and promote international contact and understanding. They also want cross-fertilisation between Polish artists and those from outside Poland and particularly outside Europe.

To these ends they are also providing a residency programme toward developments in contemporary ceramic design.

They offer a well-equipped professional production facility with support from instructors so that artists can carry out experimental work and/or product development in porcelain. They are comfortable with facilitating education for the creative who are unfamiliar with ceramic technology and processes .Part of the programme will be centred upon contact with appropriate manufacturers where appropriate and information on copyrights /contracts etc.

You must send a CV, ten images of previous work and an outline of what your programme/study will entail.

You receive ‘comfortable lodgings’ and one, two or three months access to the production studios with all facilities.

So, if there is an itch to design and ideas to manifest but not the know-how – why not consider an application. Deadline is  September 1st and the application form plus more information can be found online at. . . .  http://www.designcentrumkielce.com/en/programs/residency . Marek, as Art Director assures me that applications from NZ will be viewed as eagerly as applications from more established design centres.


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