Off-Shore Competitions and Exhibitions

 Those with a yen to test their work in a bigger pond and be more international might like to try one or more of these. . . . Some you will know and others are new to the international arena . . . a number of previously well-known ones have deconstructed into some other event or folded tent…..

ITALY – the Faenza Biennale. Next in 2013. Go to-

SWITZERLAND – Carouge (near Geneva) Biannual and always to a theme – the last theme was “The Box” . Next event 2013.

HUNGARY – Keckskemet  The Triennale of Silicate Arts (ceramic glass and concrete)

Next event  2014. Go to

SLOVENIA – Maribor, a triennale. Next in 2015.  Go to …

JAPAN – Sendai City. All media and looking for ‘the best artists from outside Japan’. Private Foundation Biennale at Sakuraba Gallery. Next event opens Feb 23, 2013 (deadline January 5) All artists selected to exhibit are brought to Japan from home country to attend. Fares, hotel and stay of ten days plus tour etc provided. Meals and spending not provided. Go to

SPAIN – The Baleariac Islands! IV International Ceramics Biennale of Marrataxi.

Applications until 2nd December 2012.

download information (pdf)

JAPAN – Mino Triennale go to

TAIWAN – next one for artists will be in 2016

As information on others comes to hand – will post.


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