Clark/Del Vecchio Auction of Ceramics

For those avid collectors out there, Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio with Cowans Auctions have a modern and contemporary ceramics auction coming up on October 31st at Cowans Auction House in the American Mid-West. Mainly English and American work (but some from Japan) and the interesting thing is that English work (with the exception of Rie and Coper) has lower estimates, on the whole, than the same work receives in the UK secondary market. The same applies to the Japanese potters, Kanjiro Kawai and Kimpei Nakamura. Which , as it is in the USA, and their history is very different to others, is understandable.

There are a couple of fine Ries and Copers, if you can afford them, but also other ceramists from the UK are represented, some at bargain estimates.  Apart from the Rie and the Coper, main interest must lie, for Americans, with Beth Cavener Stichter’s ‘Olympia‘ which is a seminal work and carries the highest estimate in the 289 lot offering.  But the ‘names’ are many and varied: Woodman, Leach, Fergusson, Tchalenko, Kawai, Takamori, Nagle, Nakamura, Rady, Swindell, Mackenzie, Maltby, Poncelet, Henderson, Trim, Barton, Notkin, Cooper, Smith, Wood, Oestreich, et al.  Worth a look?

It can be found at and it is auction 289.



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