Even More Recent Gleanings

A PBS series of videos on American Craft. I have seen some of these and those I have, are absolutely wonderful. Called CraftinAmerica they cover the traditional media, as seen mid-late 20thC, of clay, glass, wood, metal and fibre. However several or even all media and makers are drawn together under each title in the series which deal with subject rather than medium. The current (9th) issue, CROSSROADS, is around craft culture and technology in science and craft interactions and, among other artists, features ceramists, Clary Ilian, Warren MacKenzie and Jeff Oestriech. The programmes are an hour each and can be viewed online or bought as a set of videos. Worth being owned by every club and Society in the country they are beautifully filmed and intelligently commented and presented, featuring as they do many of America’s most established and accomplished craftspeople. Highly recommended from those I have viewed so far.

Go to www.CraftinAmerica.org

The Korean Ceramics Biennial Competition announces two new opportunities as part of their Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICBiennale 2013) taking place from September 23 to November 17, 2013

  1.  HOT ROOKIES, international competition for artists under the age of 40

Entry Open: December 3 (Mon.) – 19 (Wed.), 2012 (for 17 days)
– Eligibility: Open to artist under age of 40
– Number of Selected Artists: 20
– Application Method: online (www.kocef.org)
– GICB Support for Participant:
▪ A sum of 2,000 US dollars will be funded for material and packaging.
▪ Transportation of Artwork and insurance
2. Talks by Artists
– Entry Open: December 3 (Mon.), 2012 – February 15 (Fri.), 2013 (for 75 days)
– Application Method: e-mail (gicb2013@gmail.com)

Another new ceramics magazine. Its publicity says…

“Ceramics Now Magazine is a comprehensive and innovative publication & online art platform specialized in contemporary ceramics. The magazine celebrates the creative field of ceramics through publishing interviews, reviews and works of new and world-renowned ceramic artists, and providing information on contemporary ceramic art exhibitions.

The magazine’s main goal is to make contemporary ceramics a more visible art field and to support innovative and diverse ideas or techniques. Ceramics Now brings together artists from different communities and facilitates contact and idea exchange between them. It also introduces emerging artists to galleries, museums and international curators.”


I tried to access some copy online but failed, neither could I ascertain how often/many copies a year. However it is not expensive so may be worth a sub for a look-see. It is $15 for a real, in-your-hands copy or $4 for on-line and again, cannot see if this price is per copy or per year. It will be US$ from the spelling etc…  Issue II now on offer.

Maybe such a poorly promoted publication with insufficient information should be avoided but it may be worth a once-only shot and then make up the mind.  If anyone does this a report would be welcome.




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4 responses to “Even More Recent Gleanings

  1. Glenys Marshall-Inman

    Please tell me who or what RFW stands for? Thanks It this site managed by Moyra Elliott?

    • rfw

      Hi Glenys
      RFW are the initials of the wonderful woman who sees to the mechanics of this. Somehow, sometime, her initials get on my posts for reasons I don’t understand but all posts on this blog are mine except for the comments. Moyra

  2. Johann Gambleputty

    I too tried and failed to figure out how and what, and WHEN this new mag is being published. Their web site is pretty confusing, and cluttered with ads, and even a music playlist, so I wonder how seriously they take the new project.
    Too bad, it could be worthwhile; maybe they will get their acts together.
    So, no it wasn’t just you having trouble over there!

  3. Moyra

    Thanks for that and to learn that it was not just my sometimes tragic computer skills!
    Anyway, if it does come out and get in the hands, I hope it’s not just another assemblage of artists’ own images and supplied texts, but has some commentary worth reading.

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