Is This The Last Supper…. Or Not?

Howard Kottler: Out to Supper (1997)

Howard Kottler: Out to Supper (1997)

This is a reminder that artists/potters have until the end of February to send their initial entry to Masterworks’ Is this the Last Supper competition to be followed by the highlights and finalist’s exhibition that will (hopefully) be entitled… This is NOT the last Supper! Later this year in August.

Christa Assad: Waterway Teapot

Christa Assad: Waterway Teapot

If you recall, Masterworks are aware of the growing interest in the bespoke hand-made domestic item and feel sure that there would be a following for uniquely developed and designed table ware.

The work can be for 21st C. modes of eating – some new food we didn’t have last century, or a new way of decorating tableware or simply a new way to do something we have always done like pour a cup of tea or dunk a biscuit!

Molly Hatch: Dresden set

Molly Hatch: Dresden set

The work must be functional. New. Made in the last 12 months.

Initial entry by image…. High res

Dimensions/clay type/technical info required.

Artist CV and a statement

Michelle Erickson: COVET Source Material.

Michelle Erickson: COVET Source Material.

After initial jurying artists will be notified by 14 March and actual works to be in the gallery by 21st March. Final decisions will be announced on April 4th.

Lorna Meaden: Pitcher

Lorna Meaden: Pitcher

For final inspiration go to this Youtube address and look at the making methods of one of the best bowl and cup makers in the world, currently… Belgian, Ann VanHoey.  Who would have thought, that the production of a perfect hemisphere in hand-rolled slab, into a plaster mould and then treated like textile … could produce such elegant bowls and such variations upon a simple theme plus some of the most engaging cups for the coffee imaginable! While there maybe also check out other good table-ware makers such as Nan Rothwell.

Be in touch with MASTERWORKS at 09/3781256 or if you have any other queries… but meantime – get those entries finished, photographed and sent in!

A cash prize plus an exhibition opportunity is at stake.


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