A Few More Gleanings…

If you are visiting LA in the next while go to Frank Lloyd Gallery at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, on Feb 9th at 10am. There you will be served coffee and donuts while you participate in a conversation about the exhibition, Frank’s International House of CeramicsPart Three, led by two most experienced and eminent American ceramic artists, Adrian Saxe and Richard Shaw. According to what I read, these two authoritative speakers – both formerly Professors in the University of California system – will offer their views on contemporary ceramics and the international nature of the medium. This should be thoroughly worthwhile.

For those avid collectors out there – a new online gallery for resale. Studio pots and sculpture.

Jeffrey Spahn Gallery is a source for ceramist’s – USA, UK mainly – work in secondary market.

Everyone including artists like Woodman, Kaneko, Takamori, Soldner, Rie, Saxe, Coper, Reitz, Arneson, Ferguson, Duckworth, Hamada, Gilhooley, MacKenzie, Warashina, Natzler, Pearson et al… many passed on, some quite a while ago but many also still producing today. The inventory can be seen at … www.jeffreyspahn@comcast.net There is an email address for continued interest.

Another Residency

This one at Anderson Ranch, Snowmass Village, Colorado, USA.

Designed for emerging and established visual artists this residency is for a ten-week period. They take 14 artists altogether, in each term. Seven in each category.

Terms are… Fall – October-December, 2013

Spring – February–April (2014)

Chosen on the basis of artistic merit by an independent jury of established working artists, selected artists are offered, housing, studio space, meals and other benefits. A nominal US$1500 residency fee is charged – that’s just $150 a week!

The residency programme coordinates with a visiting artists and critics programme allowing the residents a chance to meet, work alongside, and get feedback from internationally recognised artists and commentators/reviewers/critics with the view to advance work. As well there are many short term programmes throughout the year so visiting artists in a variety of disciplines from all over plus field trips and many other activities can be accessed.

Apply by visiting online to… andersonranch.slideroom.com or write for further information to info@andersonranch.org or WWW.ANDERSONRANCH.org



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2 responses to “A Few More Gleanings…

  1. Edge City

    Hi Moyra

    Chuck and I do enjoy Cone Ten and descending…

    We spoke with you at the ASP show and asked you about ceramic destinations in LA and and New York and are extremely sorry we won’t be in LA on Feb 9 for the talk you write about in today’s blog, however, we will be looking to see what we can see for when we are in LA the first half of April.

    Is there any direction you might point us in in New York City for contemporary ceramic?

    Very best regards

    Louise Rive

    Edge City Chuck Joseph & Louise Rive 8 Garnet Road Westmere, Auckland 1022 http://www.edgecity.co.nz M.0212088583

    Edge City M.0212088583

    • Moyra

      Hi Louise and sorry, somehow missed this post. Frank Lloyd Gallery in Bergamot Station, in/near Santa Monica is still the place to go in LA. best with a car and a GPS tuned to Australian or British accent we found! Also need a car to head out to Otis and see the Marer collection of 50s/60s,70s,80s ceramics.It’s a car sort of town.
      As for New York, I’m researching that a little as seems I may have an invitation for there late this year – we shall see. When Garth Clark closed the New York Gallery on 57th street he and Mark tell me they found jobs in other galleries for all their staff and new galleries for their artists. I have not yet found a dedicated ceramics gallery but am told there is one or even two in Brooklyn. Their artists can be found in a bunch of top drawer galleries in Soho/Chelsea/Tribeca/Noho etc.
      Then, if you head out of town, north to Massacheusetts the Ferrin Gallery has a large offering of mainly American but also international ceramists. You need a car…. It’s a good gallery with a range of American and international ceramic artists, even including some Aussies….

      If you get as far as Boston there is a newly curated exhibition, staying long term, at the Museum of Fine Arts called The New Blue and White and curated by Emily Zilber who was here last year. This large and fine sounding ceramics show displays a range of work where the emphasis lies with the current interest, by off-shore ceramists, in industrial histories for contemporary comment via the blue/white traditions. There are artists from all over in the show. Go to the Museum site for info – looks like it might be worth the trip. I gather you can get there swiftly by train…and back again, in a long day.
      Meantime I shall keep inquiring re NYC. Things have changed out of sight since I was last there 22 years ago! Garth Clark was still open then!

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