Visiting Artist/Potter Opportunity

This has been sent to me in case there is someone here in New Zealand who might have interest …

Visiting Artist/Potter Opportunity

The Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Canada is looking to fill a temporary paid position for a potter. They have in mind someone who is currently mainly studio based.

The position will be from August 20th this year to May 31st , 2014.

Stipend is $16,000 CAD.

Urgent Update to  the Canadian job posting. The CAD $16,000 stipend is towards the personal research area and expenses for living only. There is studio space on top of this. Then there is salary for the teaching on top of this again for the four classes (two per semester). This is not written in stone but is probably around CAD $5500 or so per course (so in all another CAD $22,000) making the total in the region of CAD $38,000

Apologies for the cross-Pacific error.

It’s a nine month position, teaching four, six hour long, undergraduate-level courses in pottery (which in North America means making pots/tableware/functional ware and NOT the decorative or the sculptural). The artist is expected at the same time to carry on with personal research and to hold an exhibition of their work at the College.

You need, if interested, an MFA or equivalent or a combination of education and professional experience.  You need teaching experience, and an exhibiting record, technical skills and a wide knowledge of all aspects of the discipline.

You also need to send a letter, a CV, a philosophical statement on personal studio practice, a portfolio of 20 recent works including details like title, scale, medium, date etc.

A statement on the research topic to be pursued is also required… this can be on creative practice, technical process or content development etc.

Finally you require three referees – names and contacts.  Application is on-line.

Go to…..

Here is what looks like a great opportunity for someone to extend teaching experience and work in a different part of the world at a highly respected College of Education situated in a most gorgeous part of Canada over autumn, winter and spring – and enough money to come back for Christmas and a burst of sand and beach! It’s also great to extend off-shore connections as so far there is not a lot between Canada and New Zealand.  There should be as we have much in common!

You can go directly to the website or contact me for anything further…happy to help.


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