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THE BOWL at The Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland, Oregon is one of the USA’s  top institutions for craft practices. The Director/Chief Curator is Namita Gupta Wiggers who has a reputation as a real dynamo. She is certainly very prolific. Seems there are moves afoot to bring her to NZ next year, although that was tried a few years ago and she was simply too busy.

Anyway, the Museum has just mounted the first of a series of exhibitions and events around The Bowl as subject. They have mounted a collection show of some 200 bowls from a 400 year time-span. Worth taking a look at on their website.

Reflect and Respond is one programme where they invite words around bowls from such as chefs, anthropologists or poets.

Then Engage and Use – contemporary project based work around making, using and living with bowls.

They have instigated a lending scheme from the Museum where experiencing the hand-made bowl can be engaged with in the users own home for a period.

They have also used tumblr to put online a series of essays that focus on the bowl as subject. They plan to add to this series of texts daily and the first four are in place. One is my own essay that I modified from a text I wrote for Objectspace some six or so years ago.  Then I wrote on my two Gwyn Hanssen Pigott bowls, but as one of them disappeared from my house in the course of a party a couple of years ago, I edited and adjusted the text to fit the one left to me.

Anyway the four texts up so far are all very different, so if you enjoy a read as well as viewing an image, do go to


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