Peggy Laird

Peggy Laird died yesterday. She had a stroke late last year and struggled a little after that but Paul and Colleen Laird  moved in with her and cared for her over the lovely summer we have just had. As Paul said, “she was the strength behind Waimea and its longevity as Jack was the inspiration. A great team.”



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2 responses to “Peggy Laird

  1. Peggy Laird worked tirelessly alongside jack at Waimea Potteries.
    I first met Peggy along with Jens and Gurli Hansen, Christopher and Phillipa Vine when I was married to Eelco of Chez Eelco.
    These folk were new to Nelson, intelligent, sensitive and inspirational they worked toward their dreams adding colour and energy, facilitating what was a cultural revolution in this small provincial town, commonly named Sleepy Hollow.
    Peggy was a warm and communicative woman, always ready to share thoughts and ideas.
    I remember in the shop at Waimea where she was responsible for sales
    at the time when casserole dishes were displayed on mantle pieces as trophies and everybody was drinking from a coffee mug.
    Peggy was the fronts person who kept the seconds bin filled whilst selling the best alongside.
    It was a busy place with numerous apprentices that in turn spawned independent potteries around the countryside. They all departed from Waimea as competent throwers that had been taught by jack, but nurtured by Peggy, who seemed to me, to be the Mother of them all, and this made their training special.
    Peggy may never have known it, but she inspired me to enjoy anything creative as being worthwhile: no matter what the task or how menial, there was pleasure to be derived from the act, and I will always thank her for this, for she showed me that enrichment comes from within during the working process. Farewell Peggy, you were a big part of that heady time for potters and I thank you for all you gave.
    Our town is richer for woman like you!
    Christine Boswijk

  2. Moyra

    Thanks for that Christine. Your input is much appreciated. You clearly knew her well.

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