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News from Chuck Joseph and Louise Rive who are travelling in USA. They clearly had a great time in LA with visits to a wide array from the Getty to Bergamot Station to LACMA and Hammer Museums plus the Craft Museum….all done by public transport which they have found to be not as difficult or slow as reputed.

Next they are off to New York City where public transport is the only way… look forward to hearing.


For those interested in writing/texts.. The Bowl blog continues on

New submissions being posted daily…send in yours – the variety is fabulous. Latest addition on a bowl taken ownership of via daily use when begrudgingly bought in the first place as the only one affordable…. but….


I’m saving my pennies to head down to The Dowse early next month for Barry Brickell’s retrospective exhibition. It’s the only place where it will be seen in toto  and I understand will occupy the full ground floor of The Dowse.  Parts the exhibition will later tour to other centres but the exhibition is too large to tour everything gathered. It’s been a wide-ranging and monumental effort for all involved and the show, plus comprehensive catalogue, should position Brickell where he belongs as a leading pioneer of the mid-century/post-war movement in clay and probably the principal exponent of ‘a sense of place’, visually, spiritually and materially, particularly the latter two, in his work – something he has never lost focus upon throughout his career. Absolutely worth the journey.


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