Clay Culture

For all you out there wondering where clay culture might be headed…. here is one potential answer that covers an angle little explored and never discussed – so far anyway….

Is nothing sacred?



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2 responses to “Clay Culture

  1. Marie N

    Made me laugh !!

  2. Geoff Perkins

    Gidday Guidance Counsellor

    Just back from the surgeon. Now need to have a CT Scan on Wednesday to see if I have a stress fracture in my foot. Always some bloody thing! And, the xray shows I’ve broken another screw in the last 6 weeks – a large one they put in my ankle. At least this one doesn’t have to come out. I’m starting to ask “why me?”.

    Anyway, hope you like the attached link – it should give you a few ideas. And, when the video has finished, go to the top of the screen above it and there are 2 others that are worth watching too.

    Sooo clever, and very innovative. Will look forward to your thoughts.

    Toople pip

    Bumble Foot , Esq

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