Mirek Smisek

Just heard Mirek Smisek died yesterday. Just as his retrospective exhibition, 60 years and 60 pots was starting its final showing and in Wellington at the Academy of Fine Arts gallery. Our sincere condolences to Pamela and more later once further information comes to hand.



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4 responses to “Mirek Smisek

  1. Geoff Perkins

    A very sad loss of one of our influential movers and shakers in the 20th century NZ ceramics scene.

  2. A very special beautiful brave Man.He will be missed.

  3. Mary Daysh

    A giant gone
    Mirek Is now an important historical figure seen through education and appreciation of what you can do with your hands and the clay beneath your feet.
    He leaves a huge legacy for us all to enjoy.
    Taught NZ through his big heart and big talent. Showed us a European sensibility.

  4. Frantisek Hajek

    One of the most influental, handsome and educational persons i have ever met. I render homage to this great man for our whole family from Czech Republic

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