Gleanings August 2013

Cheryl Lucas has work bought by the Christchurch Art Gallery who are doing a good job of collecting and collating art about the aftermath of the earthquake.
Lucas is also working on restoration for buildings with reproduced pediments, chimney pieces and similar – useful and interesting work that informs about heritage, skills and techniques long forgotten. She and Richard Stratton – if they ever find themselves at the same party – will have heaps to talk about!
On view - Copy


Another GLEANING is in the New York Times Art and Design column of August 29th – an article about Edmund De Waal who is having his first NYC exhibition at the prestigious, Madison Avenue gallery of Larry Gagosian and on the back of his best-selling book The Hare with Amber Eyes. This book, which De Waal sees as his ‘making and writing is one thing’, has so far sold 1.5million copies and the film rights just signed apparently. Not bad for a book about which DeWaal was told there was’ no market for a Jewish memoir about a family you cannot spell who collected objects you can’t pronounce’. Shame it’s about netsuke and not ceramics but for De Waal one has acted synergistically with the other and he has installed his porcelain work in numerous prestigious locations in England and Europe and now across the pond to the Americas…


Last GLEANING for now is that the In His Own Steam book, about Barry Brickell – his life and work,  was runner-up at the book awards to Hanly published by Ron Sang. One has to say, it was a very worthy winner.  Sir Michael Cullen, as Chair of NZ Post warned that next year’s award was the last under the present contract,  in his otherwise humorous speech.   After all, they just are in process of making some 1400 employees redundant so a large sponsorship, as this one is, must be under reconsideration…. It was a grand evening out however – although the acoustics are nowhere near the excellence of those at the Langham – my last experience. Still its not often I get a chance to name drop so ruthlessly and say I was rubbing shoulders with John Campbell, Miriama Kamo, Nicola Legat, Karl Maughan, Josie McNaught, Jenny Bornholdt, Jacinda Ardern, Ian Wedde, Greg O’Brien, Finlay McDonald, Emma Bugden, Emily Perkins, Dick Frizzell, Debra Millar, Carol Hirschfeld, Annabel Langbein,  and of course, Gil Hanly, Ron Sang, Wailin Elliott and our own Barry Brickell….just to mention a few… GLOSS revisited!


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  1. Yes it would be good to get into contact with Cheryl Lucas, one never knows latter this year. Richard Stratton

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