Objectspace is doing their week of Talk-Fest again. After last years 7UP event proved pretty successful it seems a good idea to capitalise upon that momentum and do it again – it’s planned as an annual event now as long as funding is available….
TWO Problems …….

1. their venue is less than ideal as far as acoustics is concerned – in fact it’s just awful most of the time…hard floors, high ceilings and traffic just across the pavement … its like going into one of those awfully trendy Poncy Road cafes and ending up shouting across the table.
So was that at root of the second problem which was an almost complete lack of interest by the ceramics community…or so it seemed. Or was that because the ceramics community knew not that it was on?

Anyway they are working on the first problem… by changing venue. A new problem is that the venues seem to be different for various events…. this may be to source the best or may simply be availability….I don’t know.

Still some talks look more than worthwhile listening to… Under an overall theme of REPRESENTATION which can apply to exhibitions, writing and publishing, new developments and territories, opportunities for individuals and groups – locally and internationally, and within ‘real’ and virtual worlds… so read on…

  • Keynote speaker is Mike Holmes – Director of Velvet Da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco which is for jewellery but it seems he has a good overview of potential and sites up and down the West Coast of the USA and across media.(but that bit is on Saturday…)

Douglas Lloyd Jenkins is currently Director HBAG in Napier and he is talking about his recent visit to Japan to specifically observe display designs and techniques/ideas/innovations at small galleries there.

These talks will be at UNITEC Room 2076 on Monday 30 September, at 7-30pm

  • The next night is WWW  and getting the news out there….

Courtney Johnston is the new Director at the Dowse Art Museum. She is also a digital commentator and activist.
Renee Tanner is a crowd-funding expert
The Jewellers Guild of Greater Sandringham will speak upon their unique on-line initiatives…

Same venue, Unitec Rm 2076 on Tuesday 1st October, 7-30pm

  • The next night is on Publishing and Writing….

Bronwen Lloyd is a curator/arts writer and publisher – with Jack Ross – of Pania Press.
Jonty Valentine is a graphic designer/teacher at Unitec and edits a journal for graphic design practice called The National Grid.

Same Venue…UNITEC rm 2076 on Wednesday 2nd October @ 7-30pm

  • The Next Night is YOUR chance to SHINE!

It’s Pecha Kucha Night and a variety of presenters get to show 20 images at 20 seconds each … and comment on these….
Its fast-paced and fun and if you fluff it the next presenter is on before you know it and it does not matter!
If you fancy your chances contact shortly and if you have not seen a pecha kucha event it may be best to watch this one so you are prepared. But, if brimming with confidence and anxious the world should know of your personal obsessions….go for it!
You can book from Sept 2 and go to Objectspaces Website for full info.
This is at GALATOS BASEMENT – 17 Galatos Street (behind K Rd),  Thursday October 3rd @ 7-30.

  • Finally…  NEW TERRAIN…

Mike Holmes again but this time on key places on the USA’s west coast….
Warren Feeney on KETE which is our first art fair devoted to contemporary craft and design – to take place early next March in Wellington. The first successful event was last year, and comprised an art fair event and also a small talk-fest with international speakers…this one will be bigger and brighter!
Carole Anne Meehan – Auckland Council’s Public Art Manager…she and David Thomas will talk about public art opportunities in Auckland.

Saturday, October 5th at UNITEC Bldg 180, Room B001 at 2pm
further information and maps should be available on the website for OBJECTSPACE I am sure….


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