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I have recently received a copy of Stephen Bowers: Beyond Bravura. Co-inciding  with his exhibition at Adelaide’s The Jam Factory this year, it’s large and hard-covered and after a glance through one knows that it will be an engaging time working through it. It’s chock-full of gorgeous, lavishly reproduced images of captivating work and essays by Damon Moon and John Neylon (ceramics historian and artist/theorist) and that means an investment of time. Coming soon…

But if you cannot wait then go to the publishers – Wakefield Press, Kent Town, South Australia or order via your local bookstore. ISBN 978-1-74305-232-7


For those with a love of the elegant hand-built vessel designed more for contemplation than scooping cornflakes or eating olives from or stuffing with daisies (the latter however, remains a possibility) then a new book/catalogue on the work of Jennifer Lee may be of interest. Many gorgeous images of single and grouped works and more images of works displayed for exhibition – some possibly pushing the envelope a tad far with support on plexiglass cylinders and apparently floated on shallow water…. (I simply wonder about display that cannot be replicated in the collector’s home).  But undoubtedly romantic and effective …

The work captures all that Lee says she sets out to achieve and is handsomely redolent of its sources in landscape and geology, rock strata and lichens, water worn stones and sedimentation … to paraphrase Harrod.

Essays by Tanya Harrod and Edmund de Waal.

The exhibition is on show currently at Erskine, Hall and Coe in London.

Falls the Shadow, Jennifer Lee



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