Tonight on BBC

Does anyone get the BBC on their TV?

Tonight (Wed 6th) in UK the BBC 1 Imagine…  is showing a doco made about Edmund de Waal called

Make Pots or Die!

Edmund de Waal is the bestselling author of The Hare With The Amber Eyes, a family memoir that captured the hearts of millions. But he isn’t just a writer; from the age of five he has been making thousands and thousands of pots. After 45 years, he is exhibiting his work for the first time in America and researching his next book, a globe-spanning journey through porcelain. imagine… follows Edmund over a remarkable year.

If someone could get this and record as I cannot – we’d all be most grateful!



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6 responses to “Tonight on BBC

  1. chershackleton


    I listen to BBC 4 Extra via internet and you may well be able to source the interview through the radio.

    Quite often they repeat the programmes for the world service.

    Will let you know if I get a link


    Cher (Perth WA)

  2. Thanks, please post anything like this so all can share…

  3. Caterina Leone

    It’s available to watch on Youtube here:

  4. The clip says ‘unobtainable’. Any more help?

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