URGENT ATTENTION, a little thinking and some fast work required!

Creative New Zealand are currently surveying the Craft and Object Arts sector and are looking for responses to a questionnaire that results from a review carried out earlier this year. For those who have concerns with advocacy policies or funding processes (or lack thereof) or have interest in any other functions such as international residencies, grants, art fairs etc whether currently available or you wish they were, you have opportunity to be a participant and responder.

There is a document first where CNZ lay out what they currently do and what changes they propose to make. It’s long at 30 pages but not difficult and all is laid out for your perusal. This is followed by the online questionnaire where you can respond to the proposed changes – most is simply ticking boxes. But importantly, there is ample space where you can offer your own thoughts on this.

As far as I know, this is the first time CNZ have gone to the sector in this way in order to formulate policy. Here is your opportunity to have a say and lay out your own thoughts on and to our principal advocacy and funding body.

You can provide your views by:

  • completing the online questionnaire
  • sending CNZ an email
  • sending CNZ your written comments by mail

The deadline for replies is 5pm on Wednesday 25 June 2014.

Your responses will inform CNZ’s recommendations to the Arts Council. Publication of final reports will be in August and approved recommendations will be implemented from January 2015.

Go to CNZs website and check out REVIEW OF CRAFT AND OBJECT ART. Or, the mailing address is….

Creative New Zealand

PO Box 3806

Wellington, Wgn 6140

New Zealand


So, if you’d love the sort of opportunities the jewellers currently receive, are fed up at repeated grant applications being turned down, would like workshops by the world’s best, wish to see your work in the Basel Art Fair or simply like a symposium in your back yard so you can listen to trained views or get advice on what it is you do… here is the opportunity you have been waiting for! Sorry about the short notice but I was under the impression all or most already knew about this and only just discovered that’s not so!

Notice is short but nothing like a deadline looming to concentrate the focus!

For those internetly challenged….
Go to…
www.creativenz.govt.nz/ and below the moving images you will see…
Latest News and Blog Posts
The top info is headed… Creative NZ’s reviews of craft/object and visual arts
Click on the words in BLUE that says…Read more 
Voila, a new page opens giving you much the same information and under the heading… How Do You Contribute To The Reviews? Click on Craft and Object Art – also in BLUE…
Go for it!


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