For the sartorially challenged yet fiscally endowed wondering what on earth they can wear to the next Portage opening so as to stand out in the crowd…here is the perfect shirt! It’s on a male site (sent in by Finn) yet seems to button up the girl’s way so it’s ambidextrous as to gender.

One puzzlement though, those medieval jugs are European rather than Mingei. The Japanese did not use jugs traditionally, as far as I understand. Think it was Leach who appraised the Far East to their qualities but then, Hamada, as well as being a chair collector, may also have taken a few back with him when he returned from England in the early/mid-‘1920s.  One thing is for sure, Yanagi – that old nationalist/imperialist would be considerably disturbed in his resting place to see them described as ‘Mingei‘.

But as Finn says… wonder which collection these are taken from?
For other views go to…





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