More on the Portage events…

Just posted is Te Uru Gallery’s calendar of events for the Portage Awards occasion. See their website or Facebook page for details.

After two years of construction, and many more years planning, the Lopdell Precinct is now complete with the addition of Te Uru, the new, purpose-built gallery building that now sits proudly alongside the refurbished Lopdell House. The gallery opens to the public on Saturday 1 November at 10am with a full day of activities and tours throughout the precinct, and more talks and events on Sunday 2 November.

Following are the names of those pre-selected for the show. So far, all has been done electronically and the judge will make a final call with actual works on his arrival in NZ on 24th/25th before he has contact with any practitioners. He goes to Nelson for a break and a workshop on 26th, returning to Auckland on 31st for the opening of his exhibition on 1st Nov.

Congratulations to everyone whose work has been chosen for pre-selection by this year’s judge:  Brendan Adams, Graham Ambrose, Greg Barron, Elise Bishop, Blue Black, Cameron Blaisdell, Renee Boyd, Kelvin Bradford, Linda Bruce, Christine Caisineau, Frank Checketts, Madeleine Child, Jon Clarke, Julie Collis, Peter Collis, Anna Crichton, Julie Cromwell, Richard Doughty, Todd Douglas, Andrea du Chatenier, Sam Duckor-Jones, Suzy Dünser, Suzanne Emslie, Penny Ericson, Liz Fea, Kate Fitzharris, Mel Ford, Ema Frost, Janeen Greig, Mia Hamilton, Peter Henderson, Fiona Henderson, Charade Honey, Gary Horton, Chuck Joseph, Louis Kittleson, Peter Lange, John Lawrence, Simon Leong, Paul Maseyk, Jane McCulla, Lynda McNamara, Tatyanna Meharry, Liz Mertens, Marion Mewburn, Danny Moorwood, Tanja Nola, Jo-Anne Raill, Elena Renker, Louise Rive, Sara Scott, Arem See, Amanda Shanley, Dave Sharp, Rebecca Shawyer, Duncan Shearer, Sang Sool Shim & Keum Sun Lee, Nadine Spalter, Jeff Stack, Anthea Stayt, Janna van Hasselt, Ann Verdcourt, Chris Weaver, Merilyn Wiseman and Helen Yau. 


Phone 817 8087 to purchase tickets to the awards night. Tickets are $40, which includes an exhibition catalogue and the earliest opportunity to purchase an award-winning work.





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