What’s New….

Good news on Ross… who has walked a few steps unaided at the acute brain injury unit in Porirua, where he is rehabilitating a month after suffering head injuries in a 12m fall on April 21st.

His wife, Bobbi, said he is now conscious a lot more of the time after being in the rehab unit for a week and that staff were “thrilled” with his progress. He walked unaided for the first time on Tuesday, but the effort left him exhausted.   “We were trying to get him into this wheelchair contraption to move him, but he refused to get into it. He wanted to walk, so he just stood up. About four of us were around him, but he simply stepped off down the hall. He didn’t go too far, but it was a huge moment in his recovery.”

Bobbi said it was too early to say what the long-term prognosis for her husband was. She was due to meet specialists for an update on his condition. “But what the specialists are saying is that Ross is making the most amazing progress. It was a matter of his brain sort of re-joining itself. “He’s talking a lot more and coming up with complex sentences, even if they’re not yet making a lot of sense. But the point is he’s trying,” she said.

She said some words he had used were coming out “very clearly. One of them is ‘Chronicle’ and the others are ‘wastewater treatment’.”

At this stage, she said, her husband’s diet was still largely liquid. “I know he’d dearly love to get into a big steak, but he’s not ready for that just yet,” she said. “In light of the fall he had, the doctors say it’s a miracle he survived. Initially, they didn’t think he was going to make it.”

Bobbi said the support from family, friends and the community had been overwhelming.

Adapted from Wanganui Chronicle, thanks to Raewyn


Two New Magazines…

Maybe one reflection in the increasing interest in ceramics across the art spectrum is the advent of new magazines on the subject of ceramics claiming some focus on the critical article. One from Australia and one from Romania. Both in English however.

We have not had new magazines in our field for a very long time. Rather we have had attrition with some good ones disappearing without trace. Some good ones are hanging in however, the best seems to me to be Studio Potter from USA. Expensive but lots and lots of reading.

I await my first copy of these two new ones and will report in full very soon afterwards.



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  1. Dave Ryan

    What are the new ceramics magazines name?

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