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Arlene Shechet is currently one of the hottest names in ceramics in the USA. Shechet has recently completed two residencies at Meissen Porcelain (Europe’s first manufactory of porcelain in early 1700s) and this has resulted in a year-long exhibition at The Frick gallery in NYC where some sixteen of Shechet’s own work from the residencies is displayed in and around about one hundred pieces she selected from the Arnhold collection of Meissen – a promised gift to The Frick. I have not had the fortune to view the show but I’m told the dialogue between the two periods of work, which uses nature as dominant theme, is interesting but not as engaging as her recent show at Sikkema Jenkins gallery in Chelsea. There, without the restraints of working to a valuable collection of antique porcelain, the scale and colour could be given full flight. I’ve been sent images of work in the show so here you are, what’s hot in NYC right now.

Shechet also makes in wood and a number of the works utilise both media. Her works sit in a number of situations including floor and wall but when plinthed (if that’s a word) she makes the plinth as well and it is to be regarded as part of the work. A number of artists in USA now make whatever it’s set upon as a part of the work.

Sadly, I have no titles, nor do I have a catalogue but if the person who borrowed the book on Shechet from the ASP library some months ago would be considerate enough to return it, that would be greatly appreciated. I spotted it when it was ‘display only’, made a note to borrow as soon as…. only to find no trace of it, nor has it turned up since and it’s listed among the missing. Please, give it back. The ASP library, strong in how-to-do-it or multiple copies of Leach, Cardew and Susan Petersen books is trying to widen its purview. Give it a hand.

Meantime, here is some of Shechet’s show at Sikkema Jenkins.










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5 responses to “Latest from the Big Apple

  1. Philip Clarke

    Plinthed is a very good word!

  2. Aidan

    I like how Shechet has used the concrete and wood within her works to play off with the gallery space, it would be interesting to see what types of works Shechet would make for a more confrontational gallery (not white) space, within a colourful setting would the whole work be made asethetically in reverse; concrete and wood with a splash of colour or form from the enviroment?

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