Cone Ten and descending… Takes its title from the book Cone Ten Down: a history of studio ceramics in NZ 1945-80. Aimed for all interested, from skilled practitioners to start-up collectors, it will provide a contemporary link for all with some focus upon ceramics and intends not to set the world on fire but to spread the word, start healthy debate, challenge thinking and maybe change some attitudes via all or any of the following:

  • News, views and opinion
  • Interesting, or otherwise, exhibitions currently featuring ceramics.
  • New practitioners with something to say.
  • Old practitioners with something new to say.
  • Critical texts around the ceramics scene in New Zealand and occasionally beyond.
  • Reviews of books around/including ceramic practices.
Produced by Moyra Elliott and a small team of colleagues with varying involvements, skills and talents, Cone Ten and descending… welcomes reactions, comments and original texts of any nature that primarily focus upon practices in clay.  We promise not to edit unless some class action would be imminent.

Moyra Elliott is an independent writer and curator in ceramics. Recent projects are: Contributions to a Lark Ceramic Publications review of the First Decade of the 21st C.; Curation of the Taiwan International Ceramics Biennale 2010; Participation in the 2010 European Ceramics Symposium as panellist; Participation in Think-Tank meeting 2010, Presenter at Critical Santa Fe, a symposium on critical writing in ceramics 2010; Publication of Cone Ten Down co-written with Dr Damian Skinner on studio ceramic history in New Zealand – a finalist in the NZ Post Book Awards 2010. Current projects: research towards a second book on ceramic history in NZ and a second international curatorial project for Taiwan.  


Cone Ten and descending… welcomes comments and contribution.
Submissions for any of these can be anonymous for the publication if preferred – your secret is safe with me.

Please send any submissions/ideas to…email – moyra@pl.net



10 responses to “About

  1. Cheryl Lucas

    Brilliant! How come I have just discovered this site? Well done, keep it coming and I will spread the word.

    • Editor

      That’s because it has only just gone ‘live’ Cheryl. I sent notification to the NZSP site that it was imminent and bigo! Amazing amount of contact, one way or another, by folk who have seen it already.
      How about an article on making ceramics from all that stuff bubbling up from below that shaky ground there in Christchurch?

  2. Glenys Marshall-Inman

    Just received the NZSP Newsletter (Oct 2012) and immediately checked out the site. Congratulations Moira! Huge potential. I will send on the link to spread the word.

  3. Marie N

    Good to see you today !! Love your blog !

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  5. I am a ceramic artist and I will be traveling to NZ for about 3 weeks in Feb/March . I am interested I in viewing some contemporary ceramics-any suggestions of galleries, studios , shows, etc to visit? Thanks so much for your help.
    Best, Judith Salomon. http://Www.judithsalomonceramics.com

    • Hi and good time to visit as the summer is patchy this year. El Nino patterns which means very changeable but it usually settles by autumn (or ‘fall’ if you like.)
      As for galleries… (Auckland) The Portage and attendant shows on at Te Uru Gallery till February , Objectspace, Masterworks, Anna Miles Gallery all regularly have ceramics.
      Other towns…. depends what and where you are going. Would you like to pop into my place after you arrive (assuming Auckland is your first port of call) as I live very near the centre of town or a short taxi ride only. (depending where staying?) and I can help possibly. Happy to do so. Please reply by email as that is my usual contact means… moyraelliott@gmail.com

  6. Philippa

    Hi I was wondering if you have an Instagram site? 😃

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